Chrome plated bar

1)Material:Sae1045//CK45/G4105 SCM440 、SAE4140 、42CrMo4,
2)Outer Dia Precision : ISO f7/8
3)Hard-Chrome Thickness 20 Micron Min ; ( or do as per buyer request)
4)Hard-Chrom Hardness above HV 800/HRC63±2°
5)  Surface roughness: Ry 0.6~1.4s Ra 0.2μm~0.4μm
Ni&Cr plated bar specially made for

Hard-Chrome Thickness 20 Micron Min

Surface roughness: Ry 0.6~1.4s Ra 0.2μm~0.4μm


6)Material:Sae1045//CK45/ G4105 、SCM440 、SAE4140 、42CrMo4,

7)Outer Dia Precision : ISO f7/8
8)Hard-Chrome Thickness 20 Micron Min ; ( or do as per buyer request)
9)Hard-Chrome Hardness above HV 800/HRC63±2°
10)Surface roughness: Ry 0.6~1.4s Ra 0.2μm~0.4μm
11)Straightness: 0.2/1000mm.
12)Ovality : < 0.01/L
13)Porosity:Test according to ISO1456/1458 and result valuation according to ISO 4540 rating 8-10
14)Corrosion resistance
Test in natural salt spray according to ASTM B 117-36 hours
Results evaluation according to ISO 4540 RATING 7-10.
15)Weld ability:Good
16)Packing: In paper sleeve and boxed or as per buyer’s request
Suitable for harsh, corrosive environments, the chrome-plated bar is designed to meet salt spray testing. The manufacturing process begins with special cold finish preconditioning of the raw steel and tubing, then the company controls size, surface finish, roundness and straightness to meet buyer’s requirement.

Besides, we also provide the machining work for your rod, we can have the rod machined as per your drawing and request, like having the rod drilled , threaded, etc. Making it is ready for assembling with cylinder tube, you can save work and time.

Machined rod ready for assembling

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