O.E.M Cylinder

Combining our advantage in surppling honed tube and chrome bar, as well the strong manufacturing capacity , we can provide O.E.M service for hydraulic cylinder.  Just  providing the cylinder drawings, we can make the exact cylinder as you want, this can help you save cost and improving your facility performance.

Below points need to be provided for making Custom cylinder
The function of the custom made hydraulic cylinder.
The load of the custom made hydraulic cylinder.
The stroke of the custom made hydraulic cylinder.
If the position sensor built inside of the cylinder?
If the cylinder body shine plating or if you need it painted ?

fixing method for the custom made hydraulic cylinder?

The O.E.M capacity for cylinders are:
Bore: 30--1200mm.
Stroke: 200--12000mm
Working presure:
Types: Single/double acting
Stage: Single/ multilstage
Working medium: Mineral oil/water oil emulsion

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